Selling a Property with Less Stress

Get the legal expertise you need to protect your interests throughout the home-selling process.

At MLG, we know selling a property can be stressful and confusing without the right partner by your side. Our team understands your needs, and prioritizes clear communication with your buyers and their representation to ensure an efficient and effective sale process that meets your schedule and your expectations.

While your realtor may already work with an attorney, you have the right to choose your own legal representation. You deserve a team with the specialized skills to represent your best interests throughout your sale, and who will deliver on the promise of a smooth closing.

MLG’s experienced attorneys will help guide you every step of the way, and will ensure paperwork and documentation are accurate and on time. We protect your interests through the ins and outs of selling a property, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing a purchase and sale agreement.
  • Addressing potential title issues.
  • Finalizing materials like deeds and mortgage and tax information.
  • Any additional closing documentation required for trusts, estates, and businesses.

Contact us to learn how MLG can protect your interests and during the sale of your property.

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